Shaming Drunks
Shaming drunks has become a new pastime for those party folks who have a digital camera, a sharpee, access to the Internet, and a creative sense of humor. If you're not familiar with this new outragiously funny activity, shaming is where friends take a helplessly passed out drunk, usually at a party, and turn them into something amusing for us all to enjoy. In many cases, the shaming manifests itself in their friends covering the drunk with food, condoms, or furniture. Often, it's about writing all sorts of crude things on them with indelible sharpee markers. Then, of course, someone takes a picture and sends it into the Internet to memorialize the event. Voila. One owned and hopelessly shamed drunk!

Like any good game, there are rules. Well one rule, anyway. If you pass out with your shoes on, you're fair game, but you don't come after someone who made it to his bed. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean your friends will abide by the rule. It's also a good idea not to be the first to pass out at a party. This is especially true if you're the only guy with a group of women. Women have a particularly evil way about shaming men who can't handle their drinking.

For more information on this phenomenen, check out this Washington Post Article.

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