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Tonight's Chat Topic: Introducing Kink To Your Partner
Join us at 9:00 PM Eastern

By Entering Hotlanta Adult Live Chat,
You Certify That You Are At Least 18 Years Old.

When you first come into live chat, please give your age, sex, and location (a/s/l). When you pick a nickname, choosing a gender specific name is usually a good idea unless you want people continually asking you what your sex is. The Hottub room is for adult play where the main room is more about general conversation.

Please Choose Your Chat Nickname:
(Allowed characters: A-Z, 0-9, and ` { } [ ] - _ or | )
NEW FEATURE! -->  Audible sound alert when new people join the room?   Yes

Please Note:  If you open Hotlanta Live Chat in a new window and have a pop up blocker installed, you may need to either turn it off or press your Ctrl key when clicking on the button.

Opening a separate chat window allows you to view other pages in your browser without closing Live Chat. If you have the audible sound alert turned on and leave the window open, you can go do other things until someone comes into chat, and then return when you hear the alert. This is especially useful if nobody happens to be in the chatroom at any particular moment.

Quick Tips:

  • To change your nick name when in chat, you can type "/nick NewName" (no quotes).
  • If you want to private message someone, you should always ask permission first in the community chat area (just good manners). Then click on the other person's name in the side window and select the private message option. A second tab will come up for that chat, and when you're in that window, you'll be chatting privately with that person.
  • If you see a pink tab appear at the top of the chat window, that means someone is private messaging you. Click on the tab to chat privately.
  • You may send an Action by typing "/me slaps you with a fish" (no quotes), and it will show as "YourNick slaps you with a fish".
  • Colors for text may be selected at the bottom of the chat area.
  • On the fly language translations can be configured at the bottom of the chat area. This is very cool.
  • If you leave one chatroom, and try to join another quickly, it may not see you as logged out immediately, and prevent you from logging back in. there are two ways to handle this. First you can wait a few minutes until it knows you're gone. The second way is to change your nick from what you were first using to something slightly different.
Key Features:
  • Fast lightweight client - as opposed to flash or java applets.
  • Full utf8 support means whatever language, you can use this chat.
  • Typing notification (Users name turns red when they are typing).
  • Tab completion on nicknames (Just starting someones name, and try pressing tab).
  • Input history for each channel (Up and down arrows).
  • Chat scrollback on join. This allows you to see some of the recent discussion in a channel so you have a clue what's been going on.
  • Device identification - Wii users show up as a joystick, iPod touch show up as an ipod, iPhone as a phone... You get the idea. This makes it easy to tell why someone is typing slowly for instance.
  • Integrated pastebin
  • On the fly language translation
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