Hotlanta Free Security Tools
If you're not protecting your computer with a good firewall and regularly updated anti-virus software, then it's just a matter of time before you're hit with a virus or some other nasty surprise. Here are some great tools that are free for personal use that you can use to protect yourself from the bad guys out there. That said, security tools are only helpful if you're keeping your operating system updated and patched for security holes. It's a cat and mouse game that moves quickly. If you haven't done an update recently, the first free thing to do is to update your operating system. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Windows Update
Mac OS X Update
Red Hat Linux Update

Free Online Security Tools
These online security tools will scan your computer by way of your Internet connection. There are two benefits to doing this online. First, if your system has been compromised by a virus, your anti-virus system may well have been compromised as well. Using an online scan makes sure that the anti-virus scan has not been deactivated. Secondly, it's an easy way to preform a secondary scan of your system that's using a different detection engine than your installed anti-virus software. Having two ways to scan your computer for viruses gives you the added assurance that nothing has been missed.

Online Software Inspector
This scanner detects unpatched versions of common programs that have been installed on your system. For a more in-depth software scan, see the program in the free software tools below. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Secunia Online Software Inspector

Virus Detection
These free online scanners will detect viruses and trojans that have been installed on your system.

Infected Or Not Scanner (Avast users may need to pause it to run this.)
Microsoft Safety Scanner
Kaspersky Free Online Virus Full System Scanner
Panda Software Free Online Virus Scan
Trend Micro HouseCall
BitDefender Online Scanner
F-Secure Online Virus Scanner
ESET Online Scanner

These scanners will detect viruses and trojans in individual files that you may be suspicious of.

Virus Total
Kaspersky Free Online Virus Individual File Scanner

Virus Removal
This scanner will remove viruses and trojans that it detects.

Avast Free Online Virus and Trojan Cleaner

Spyware Detection
These scanners will detect spyware running on your computer.

Ewido Free Online Spyware Scan
Trend Micro Free Online Spyware Scan

System Back Up
This online service allows you to back up your files with free online storage.

Media Max

Security Testing
These port testing sites allow you to see if your firewall is protecting your computer.

McAfee's Hacker Watch
PC Flank

Free Security Software Tools
These software tools are free security programs that you can install on your computer. They generally run in the background and keep your computer free from viruses and unauthorized intrusion. At a minimum, you should have regularly updated anti-virus software running along with a good firewall.

Software Inspector
This program detects unpatched versions of programs that have been installed on your system, and is a more in depth version of the scanner program listed above.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Anti-Virus Software
These programs protect you from viruses and trojans. Only run one at a time.

Avast Anti-Virus
AVG Anti-Virus

Rootkit Detection
Did you know that it is possible to hide spyware or a virus in a way that will fool even the traditional antivirus products? Some spyware programs are already using so-called rootkits to hide deep in the system. These programs will look for rootkits installed in your Windows operating system.

Panda AntiRootkit
AVG Anti-Rootkit
Sophos Anti-Rootkit
F-Secure Blacklight
Microsoft RootkitRevealer

These programs will protect your computer from unauthorized access. Only run one at a time, and be sure to turn off Windows' internal firewall to prevent conflicts.

Comodo Firewall

Windows Cleaner
This program will clean up your Windows system.


Spyware is generally pretty harmless, but overtime, it can become a drag on your computer. It's good to do a full sweep of your system once a week, and these tools can do a good job of it.

Ewido/AVG Anti-Spyware
Spybot Search & Destroy
Spyware Blaster

Child Protection
If you're looking for a way to stop adult content from reaching your children, check this program out.

K9 Web Protection

Spam Protection
Tired of all the spam? Who isn't! Check these programs out as ways to eliminate this headache.

Mail Washer
Ella For Spam Control (Outlook Users)

Instant Messenger Protection
Do you get a lot of IMs from people you don't know? This can help.

Zone Alarm IM Protection

Wireless Hotspot Protection
If you use a wireless connection in Internet Cafes or other hotspots, you'll want to check this out for your security.

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield

On the Fly File Encryption
If you have a laptop or use thumb drives, you'll definitely want to encrypt your important information.


Partial List of AntiVirus Vendors

Trend Micro

Partial List of Spyware Removal and Prevention Vendors

Anti-Spyware Features Comparison
Anti-Spyware Programs To Avoid
Lavasoft Ad-Aware
Spybot S&D
Windows Defender

Partial List of Anti-Trojan Vendors

a-squared Personal
Ewido Security Suite
The Cleaner
Trojan Remover

Check Windows Startup Programs

Startup List Index

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