Free Speech and Our First Amendment Rights
As a contributing member to the internet, we feel very strongly that the Internet is the perfect place for the concepts of obscenity and censorship to finally be expunged from our puritanical society.  The truth be told, the idea of limiting what someone says because it offends (we're not talking about yelling fire in a crowded theatre, folks) someone's sense of morality is just plain absurd and has no place in a free society.  

Even the definition that's currently in use today to define exactly what obscenity is has no way of being applied to the Internet.  Times are much different now then when the Miller decision muddied the waters back in 1973 with it's vague references to community standards and prurient interests.  The word "community" plays heavily in defining what standards are acceptable, yet even what constitutes a community is open for argument, especially now when we have a global medium like the Internet.  

The test having to do with whether the content has serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value is obviously highly subjective and a ludicrous standard to set even in 1973.  Who among us has the right to judge someone else's work and say that that person should be silenced because their work isn't "serious" enough?  Adolf Hitler would have loved that standard as he burned books throughout Nazi Germany.  Sexual expression, no matter whether it's skilled and beautiful or awkward and ugly is still an expression of our sexuality.  Nobody should have the right to tell us that we can't express ourselves sexually simply because it offends their religious or personal sense of morality, especially in a private environment like an Internet website where you must actively seek out that sexual content in order to be offended by it. 

The bottom line is that fighting for our First Amendment Rights is something that affects us all.  It's what allows the citizenry of a free society to voice descent, a primary cornerstone of democracy.  In fact, without free speech, there simply cannot be democracy or freedom.  You can learn about this important subject by exploring these sites.

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