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Chatroom Basics
This is a closed IRC (Internet Relay Chat) based chatroom. That means we have fast clean chat without the annoying screen refreshes you see in some other chat environments. Having problems getting it to load?

The Chatroom Applet

Where Is Everyone?
When you visit the chatroom, you may not find anyone there. This is not terribly uncommon, especially during the day when people are at work. The secret to finding other people to chat with is patience and turning up the sound on your computer. Typically, people pop in, see nobody there, and then pop out again thereby missing everyone else who are doing the same thing. If you hang around in the chatroom and wait on others to come in, you'll have great success meeting new people to chat with.

A nice feature of the Hotlanta chatroom is that it will alert you to new folks coming in with a "WOO HOO" sound. This allows you to open the chatroom, turn up the sound on your computer, and then do other things as you wait for company. When new people join the chatroom, just be friendly and greet the new arrivals as they come in. Once you have a few people in the room talking, the room will get even busier as more and more people come in and join the fun.

If you're a member of the Club Hotlanta Yahoo Group, and would like to invite other members to come into the chatroom, feel free to post your invite to the group. It is best to post well ahead of time if you can, since posts are approved as the moderators find time to handle them. However, if you need a post approved right away, you can use Yahoo Messenger to send us a message asking that your post inviting members to the chatroom be quickly approved. Whenever possible, we'll be happy to do it.

Which Kind of Chat Is Right For You?
You can select either Sexy Chat, Work Safe Chat, or Dial Up Chat. They all go to the same chatrooms, however Dial Up Chat and Work Safe chat won't get you fired or give your kids a thrill. Hint: The Dial Up chat uses minimal bandwidth and will load faster on slower connections. It also works better on machines with less memory or system speed.

Logging In
When you fill out the login form, a new window will open with the chat program. This allows you to surf the rest of the hotlanta site and the web while you chat. However, if you have a pop up blocker, the window may not come up. The simple way to handle this is to press the shift or Alt key when you press the submit button, and most of the time, your pop up blocker will allow the window to open. Be patient. At first you will have to wait for the chat applet to download, but from then on, it should load pretty fast from your browser's cache. Once it loads, it will automatically log you into the chat room. Just wait on it and life will be good.

Choosing a Nickname
Choose a nickname that's going to be fairly unique. We're hosted on a large and robust IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network where people can register their nicks to keep others from impersonating them. This is a good thing since you can do the same with your nick. However, if you were to try to log as "John" (most likely used), within a few minutes of logging in, you'd find your nick changed by the servers to "Guest8888" since that nick has already been taken.

If you use your Yahoo ID as your nick, you're probably going to be successful, and it allows others to check out your Yahoo profile more easily. Another alternative is to put the state at the end of the nick (i.e. "John_GA"). If you find that you've been changed to "guest", you can use the command drop down in the lower right to change to a new nick. If your new nick "sticks" for a while, and you like the nick, I suggest that you use the command dropdown to register your nick and make it yours. Just remember your password for the initial log in.

Problems With Opening the Chatroom
If the chat applet doesn't open properly, it may be that your machine has an older or corrupted version of the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) software.  Because of licensing issues between Microsoft and Sun, this is a common problem with Windows XP users.  You can update and fix this problem by getting the free download from Sun Microsystems at
Free Java Software.

There are a few other possible reasons for your difficulities.  If this is your first time going into the chatroom, you'll need to be patient, since it may take a few minutes for the chat applet to download to your machine.  However, once it's been downloaded, the applet will be cached in your browser and will load much faster the next time.

Another issue may be the quality of your Internet connection.  If you're sharing a broadband connection or have static on a dial up connection, this will definitely play havoc with the amount of bandwidth you have available for chatting.  This is particularly obvious if you keep losing your chatroom connection once you're chatting.  If you're on a dial up connection, and have call waiting on your line, the "beep" letting you know a call is coming in will usually kill your Internet connection.  You can temporarily disable call waiting by adding "*70," to the beginning of your modem's dial string settings.

Lastly, if you're on an older machine with limited memory or if you're running a lot of applications in the background (especially ones that use the Internet), you may not have enough resources to run the chatroom applet properly.  If this is the case, you can try rebooting your machine and shutting down anything that connects to the Internet while you chat.  Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger are especially serious memory hogs and also eat your Internet bandwidth.

Selecting "Dial Up Chat" from the main menu can help with low bandwidth connections and/or older machines with less memory.

Still can't figure it out? If you have Yahoo Messenger, you can message us for additional help.

Sending Messages
Many people have gotten used to having to click on a button in order to send the text they have just typed. There isn't a button for that here. Just hit the ENTER key when you're through typing your message and your message will be sent.

Other Members
If you put your cursor over the nicks in the right side window, you'll be able to see their A/S/L info. If you double click on their nick, you'll be able to send them a private message.

Public Rooms & Private Messages
At the bottom of the chat applet, you'll see PUBLIC and PRIVATE areas. Each chatroom you enter will create a button in the PUBLIC area. Each private message get or send will create a button in the PRIVATE area. To switch between them, just click on the buttons.

Floating Detached Windows
In the upper right corner of the chat applet to the immediate left of the close icon ("X"), you'll find an icon that allows you to put the chatroom or private chats in a floating window. This can be very useful if you're in multiple chatrooms or have private messages going on. Simply close the floating chat, and it will reattach to the page. Do not close the page, even when you're floating chats. Otherwise, they will be closed and lost.

You may use the Emoticons drop down to add emotion graphics to your text.

You will find many useful IRC commands in the commands drop down. This is also where you can go to try different nicknames and to register your nickname when you find one that isn't already in use.

Opening Rooms
You an use the Open Rooms drop down to go to other Hotlanta sponsored chatroom. We currently have rooms for Night Clubs, Gay Men, Lesbians, Swingers, BDSM, and Singles.

IRC Commands
This is a useful help page for working wth beginning IRC commands:


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